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Why businesses use Bundle Kit

Imagine that you'd like to group different kinds of products and sell them as a package to your customers. This is called product bundling.

Reasons for product bundling:

  • Upsell complementary products to increase perceived product value.
  • Cross-sell non-complementary products to expose new product categories to potential customers.
  • Package less popular products with hot-selling products to raise desirability of less popular products.
  • Group frequently purchased items to improve shopping convenience.

Ultimately these help contribute to an increase in average order value (AOV) and profit margins.

But product bundling leads to many operational challenges:

  • How to prevent overselling of a bundle when a bundle item runs out of stock?
  • How to keep the bundle price up-to-date when the price of a bundle item constantly changes?
  • How to display the bundle as a standalone product in your store's catalog so that it acts like any other normal Shopify product?
  • How to let your logistician know what bundle item requires fulfillment when an ever-changing bundle is ordered?

This is where Bundle Kit comes in.

Bundle Kit does all the above automatically for you and more!

Learn just how simple it is to create your first bundle in Bundle Kit.

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