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La Rosée Cosmétiques

“Great application. Clear and easy to use. I highly recommend if you need to create product packs!”

La Rosée Cosmétiques searched for a streamlined way to offer their loyal clients bundles, kits, and sets of their favorite products. The cosmetics brand opted for Bundle Kit.

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As business owners and Shopify sellers, it can be challenging to find the systems that will optimize your shops and work to sell products efficiently. Finding great Shopify apps that allow you to best run your website can save you a lot of time by doing the work for you, providing better and more proficient ways to serve your customers from the start. By significantly facilitating the management and sales of bundle, set, and pack orders, Bundle Kit adds real value to your business, making you room to grow and propelling your business forward in the process.

La Rosée Cosmétiques

Throughout their business journey, La Rosée Cosmétiques was all about setting themselves up for success. The Parisian ultra-clean skincare brand aims to provide the best quality natural and eco-conscious products possible, offering an innovative alternative to necessary moisturizing products. Since its conception and to this day, the brand has remained dedicated to its mission in every way, banning countless unnatural ingredients and opting for minimal packaging for the benefit of the planet.

Their commitment to these values translates to their carefully crafted and expertly formulated products, available online and in over 4,500 pharmacies today. Exceptional quality and great customer service have earned these products their permanent place on shelves worldwide.

During their beginning stages, the brand experienced significant growth and consequent new needs for more effective business practices. When it came to fulfilling customers’ demands and expectations, La Rosée Cosmétiques searched for a streamlined way to offer their loyal clients bundles, kits, and sets of their favorite products. 

The cosmetics brand opted for Bundle Kit, an app that continues to provide an essential service to their business. Beyond refining aspects such as shopping convenience and the increased exposure of new and less popular products, Bundle Kit bundles are built on top of all of the regularly listed Shopify products for optimal accessibility and efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Why Bundle Kit?

Today, in addition to its excellent products and industry expertise, La Rosée's reputation in the market can be attributed to its ability to promptly answer to customer's requests – a service made possible by a well-structured operating system that Bundle Kit uniquely contributes to. 

The app allows businesses of all sizes to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundles and bundle products sold, and fulfill bundle orders. Unlike competing widget-based applications that remain camouflaged at the bottom of the product page, Bundle Kit bundles are built on top of all the regularly listed standalone Shopify products for easy and familiar management. Displayable individually in the store catalogue, indexable by search engines, and compatible with a myriad of product-listing apps, bundles can be expertly marketed with unique images and descriptions.

Bundles and kits are undoubtedly great ways to appeal to your client-base and meet their need for ready-made product kits, but they also require high levels of logistical planning. By taking care of the heavy lifting, Bundle Kit makes the process smooth and simple all the way through.

Countless and constant necessary updates such as bundle prices and weights are automatically updated in real-time as items are added, updated, or removed. Proactively preventing issues such as overselling, Bundle Kit also instantly tracks and synchronizes the inventory of bundles and its individual items.

The app further contributes to greater ease of fulfillment by breaking down every ordered bundle into its individual items. The standalone products appear in separate lines in every Shopify order, significantly facilitating the order packing process.

Bundles at La Rosée Cosmétiques

Incredibly flexible and easy-to-manage, La Rosée's bundles exemplify the stunning outcomes possible with Bundle Kit, reliable and effortless both in front of and behind the curtains.

From offering perfect gifting options to thoughtfully curated bundles for new clients, the possibilities are endless. Like La Rosée Cosmétiques, start enhancing your personalized customer experience today, with Bundle Kit.

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